Welcome to the Planning and Design Hub

Purpose of the hub

The ICPA Planning & Design Hub strives to inspire, challenge and motivate architects, administrators and professionals across the world to create more humane correctional facilities. It is a place for the correctional community to share project examples, resources and advice that support humane correctional design.

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Planning and Design Network

The PD Hub was created and is supported by the ICPA Planning and Design Network. The Planning and Design Network is a group of ICPA members who seek to promote professional practices and knowledge that supports humane prisons. Network members meet at ICPA conferences and communicate throughout the year around promoting the work of the Network.


The PD Hub is overseen by a committee consisting of the Network Chair and four current members of the Planning and Design Network. The Hub committee reports to a member of the ICPA executive, The Hub committee maintains and implements the protocols for the vetting of all projects, resources and discussion threads.

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